Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


a little something i did with friends. yall should check it out and subscribe!

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

brand new day

wassup. im on d way 2 work and what up.its frikkin chest/triceps/abs r sore.and my back and biceps are sore now 2.i just had my proteinshake.hitting the photokina this weekend.hell yeah
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oops sorry i forgot to introduce myself

So.. since i forgot to introduce myself.. lemme tell u something about me,myself and i
im 20yrsold and im live in GER. but my parents are from the philippines adn thats why i look like a filipino. i was born here tho. but i know how to speak tagalog since my parents raised me up in a filipinoway. i gratuaded from highschool this year and ryt now im doing a 9months workexperiecne thingy. im working at a hospital. all i have 2 there is pack stuff tho. i like working out ( which prolly most of yall noticed ).. i like hanging out with friends and i dunno. im just a regular dude. i started working out 2-3years ago and u can call it my passion. it feels dope to workout and its making me feel selfconfident and stuff. pother stuff i like is music and much more. but yall prolly gonna find out in time. so yeah. thats me... or a lil .. not even a little summary actually.. but yeha. just a little introduction!

After Workout

I just got home from workout and it was dope. twas hella exhausting and shit but it felt so good. i worked out my chest and my triceps today.oh and i did alil abs workout in the end. i did d inclinebench,dumbellpress,incline flyes and butterfly 4 chest. and then did some dips and some skullcrushers. like i said in an other post im gonna release my workoutplan on an other day cuz im too lazy too write it now xD.. but yeah it felt good. now im hanging at home with my post-workout drink and im chillin. i loev workoing out! NO PAIN NO GAIN!


im heading 2 d gym now. im kinda tired but when i get there ill prolly be wide awake and pumped 2 work out my CHEST and TRICEPS! HELL YEAH!

Montag, 20. September 2010

Muscle Ache

My biceps...and my back...are...NOT SORE?! WTF..i worked out my back and biceps yesterday and i did some pretty intense training but theyre not sore..well im at work ryt now and its kinda boring and im hella sleepy. my 2 partners klaus(okan) and atahan(atahan) are sleepy too haha. we 'zivi's' look like frikkin corpses. but yeah.ithink reality will crash in in a couple minutes when d boss comes.. till then..GOODNIGHT!
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Im just testing if this thing works on my phone
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